If the future of our city, Bengaluru, was in your hands, how would you want it to look?


Congratulations to Rhea Misquith and Asees Kaur, students of grade 10 at the Inventure Academy, Bengaluru for being named the winning team of the Bengaluru 2070 Comic Book Cover Design Competition.

The artwork brings together the existing conditions of the city including the polluted Varthur lake, the growing traffic, and the overall unkempt nature of the city. A device that helps visualize the future of Bengaluru in 2070, displays modern buildings and cars, better city planning, cleaner lake, and more greenery. This future can be made possible as a result of our own actions such as reducing pollution, not littering, segregating waste, and composting.

  • The winning design will be printed on the cover of the comic book.
  • The winning team will receive a gift certificate worth Rs. 1,500 from a leading bookstore. Check your email for more information about this.
  • The winners will receive a complimentary copy of the Bengaluru 2070 comic book (est. December 2022) as well as customized goodies.
  • The winners will have the opportunity to be involved in the development of the book where they will provide ongoing critical feedback on the story and illustrations.


Congratulations to the two honourable mentions, Medha Maheshwari of grade 7, and Tanmaya Vipin of grade 10 at Inventure Academy, Bengaluru. They will receive complimentary copies of the Bengaluru 2070 comic book.


The remaining student designs and artwork also deserve a special mention to celebrate the creativity of promising young designers and the future of our City.
Ishanth Turaga, grade 7
Nishka Rawat, grade 7
Sara Chaudhuri, grade 8
Advika Srinivasan, grade 10
Riva Jain, grade 10


A diverse panel of creative experts and students reviewed the students artwork and scored them against the selection criteria. Artwork was judged anonymously and the scores provided by the judges were consolidated to select the winner. Click here to know the judges and read about them!

This was very cool! Wonderful to see the students’ thinking. It affirms the importance of getting this comic in the hands of more young people! 

Kayce Bayer