I co-create communications strategies and develop interactive content within my focus area groups. I apply innovative techniques to help communicate complex information to a larger group of people including both the public and subject experts. We provide the following communication services:

  • Public Speaking and Stakeholder Facilitation (virtual)
  • Social Media Outreach & Engagement
  • Civic Education and Awareness
  • Data visualization and Mapping
  • Writing and Publications
  • Storytelling
  • Digital photography

Beyond the services listed above, Ikterra can help address other challenging needs of our clients in partnership with a motivated and talented network of technical, design, and policy professionals.

Highlight Projects and Experience

Bengaluru Comics: A Community Planning Graphic Novel to build civic awareness in the youth of Bengaluru. Project in development, to support, please contact.

Developed an interactive website to track and communicate the progress of strategy implementation in the Village of Johnstown, Ohio. The website also provides an online format of the Comprehensive Plan and allows for continued public engagement.

Created maps using GIS tools to visualize data and for place-based storytelling.

Urban Journalism in matters of planning and development in urban areas. By conducting best practice research, technical analysis, and community engagement, I write about cities around the world. Read More.

Social Media Content Creation for Stories, Posts, and IGTV. Facilitating engagement through quiz, Q&A, live streaming, and more using Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

A community sourced COVID-19 resources mobile app to support the Bengaluru community in coping with the sudden changes witnessed due to the pandemic. An app that reached over 1000 users in just two weeks and catalyzed the creation of bigger initiatives.