Outreach & Engagement

Usually, locals do not know what is being planned in their areas and how it would impact them. They are unaware about the options they have for providing feedback on these initiatives. Merely releasing plans for public consultation is not sufficient.

Involving the public in issues that matter promotes peaceful and meaningful discussions, enables informed decision-making, enhances trust in leaders, improves public perception of organizational performance, enhances the likelihood of public acceptance, and creates robust and sustainable policies and plans. Read more in my article on “How Community Engagement is Key To Fight Urban Sustainability Challenges.”

My approach emphasizes on first listening and understanding the community, followed by preparing and implementing custom-made strategies to share information, raise awareness, broaden participation, generate new ideas, build consensus, and move together into implementation.

I can help you with the following engagement services, which can further be complemented by my other services of planning and visual communication:

  • Outreach and engagement strategy
  • Public and stakeholder engagement (NGOs, developers, youth, seniors, etc.)
  • Public engagement events, in-person and virtual (workshops, open house, design charrettes, interviews, focus group discussions, PhotoVoice, etc.)
  • Engagement tool development (discussion guides, information boards, feedback forms, surveys, social media, websites, etc.)
  • Facilitation, resolving conflict, and building consensus
  • Analyses and reporting
  • Coaching, capacity building, and toolkits

For examples of work in this area, check out the Projects page.