The firm was legally established this year, however, I have been providing independent consultant services together with employment-based services since 2018. Some significant projects and employment experiences that have contributed to my skills and expertise are,

community surveys by ikterra

Remote Academy Learning Service Development

Organization: Open Architecture Collaborative Canada
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: 2020-2021

I assisted with strategy development, and quantitative and qualitative feedback for the development of a virtual learning experience for architects, planners, and social designers based in Toronto.

On-Call Planning Services

Client: Jay Pitter Placemaking
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: 2020-2021

I provided research and writing services for equity-based placemaking studies and initiatives led by Jay Pitter, a Toronto-based International Placemaker. I supported the development of reports and case studies on projects based in Denver, Colorado and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Public consultations by ikterra

Digital Infrastructure Plan, City of Toronto

Employer: LURA Consulting
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: 2019-2020

I assisted with the development and implementation of public engagement strategy for the Phase 1 consultations for the City of Toronto’s Digital Infrastructure Plan. I managed logistics and assisted with the overall organization of public events in locations across the city including the City Hall. I assisted with the development of communication materials, analyzed data, and prepared summary reports.

Onboard transit survey by ikterra

Onboard Transit Passenger Survey

Client: CJI Research
Location: Durham-Raleigh, North Carolina and Westchester County, New York
Date: 2018-2019

Supervised contracted staff to manage systemwide onboard transit survey data collection from current passengers. In total, over 10,000 surveys were collected. I ensured quality data collection, trained and supervised contracted staff, and managed staff communications and conflicts. I also assisted with data analysis and report writing.

Online Comprehensive Plan by ikterra

Village of Johnstown Online Comprehensive Plan

Client: Burton Planning Services
Location: Village of Johnstown, Ohio
Date: 2018

My role was to develop an interactive online website with features for public engagement to convert the Village of Johnstown’s Comprehensive Plan to a “living” document. I also prepared maps, designed the plan document, and drafted measurable goals, outcomes, and actions of the plan elements. The goal of the complete plan was to help guide the Village and public agencies, as well as private organizations as they prepare detailed plans, programs, and ordinances for the Village over the next several years.

comprehensive planning and public consultations by ikterra

Orange Township Land Use Comprehensive Plan

Client: Planning and Zoning, Orange Township, Ohio
Location: Orange Township, Ohio
Date: 2017

Adopted in November 2018, the Plan for Orange Township was completed by a team of eight graduate students as a part of the Academic Studio work. I led the public engagement team, organized open house events, facilitated round table discussions and presented the findings to the public. I also conducted research and drafted complete sections of the final report.

public speaking by ikterra

Public speaking and training

I have delivered training and talks on subjects like Urban Mobility in Smart Cities (2021), Survey collection methodology (2018-2019), Project Scheduling and Time Management (2012-2016), and presented plans and studies to diverse communities.

urban journalism by ikterra

Writing, Design, and Journalism

I write short articles about cities, communities, and urban initiatives for urbanism related news and views platforms. I prepare supplementary graphics, maps, and other communication materials to convey complex messages effectively. Some work examples are:

Ohio Department of Transportation Statewide Transportation Planning Newsletter, Spring 2019

How Community Engagement is key to fight Urban Sustainability Challenges

How public spaces can be redesigned to make ‘unlocking’ safe in Bengaluru

Bus-turned-wifi spot; Parking lots-turned-testing centres: How COVID-hit cities are using transport infrastructure

visual stories by ikterra

Visual Stories and Articles

About 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and over 60% of people are visual learners. In order to make learning from lengthy papers and articles easier, I convert them into visual stories and animated explainer videos.

The Traveling Urban Planner

COVID-19 Bengaluru App by ikterra

COVID-19 Bengaluru App (closed)

Created and Managed: Ruchi Agarwal
Location: For Bengaluru, with love from Toronto!
Date: March – April, 2020

The onset of COVID-19 pandemic that brought a country of 1.3 billion people to a lockdown overnight, demanded quick response. To help create awareness in Bengaluru’s communities essential resources, this multilingual web-based App was created. It contained hospitals/clinics and doctors’ contacts, helpline numbers, information on essential services, community initiatives, fundraisers, volunteering opportunities, and events and activities to do while socially isolating. It was mentioned by The Times of India within the first week, and by the third week it had over 1,500 users and was reused and adapted by several COVID-19 efforts across the Country.