The Earth is a very complex system. It consists of complex sub-systems that are all interconnected to one another. When everyone is involved in planning and envisioning a sustainable future for planet Earth as well as our own communities; whether it is a big action or a small cause, each of us plays a role in making a global impact that benefits us locally.

“For us to sustain for our future generations we must plan for where we live and the communities we belong to – Benjamin Franklin

Ikterra means “One Earth”, where we take unique approaches to address challenges faced by our global communities. Whether it is an initiative regarding the development of your street or the entire city or region, we can help inform decision making through research, community engagement, communications, and planning.

Please feel free to explore our focus areas, portfolio, and resume and contact us to discuss how we can together advance our communities and the planet towards a sustainable future.

Focus Area

Planning & Visioning

For the sustainable future of our communities, places, and environment.

Outreach & Engagement

To identify and address community needs and challenges.


For knowledge-building, awareness, and participation.