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If the future of our city, Bengaluru, was in your hands, how would you want it to look?


Start by reviewing the information provided on this website thoroughly. Apart from the tabs above, all essential competition related resources are:

Competition handbook

Competition explainer video

Bengaluru 2070 story synopsis

Rules and conditions

Parent/legal guardian consent form

Registration Form

Submit your design – Submission Form

Competition flyer


Discuss about Bengaluru as a city with your teachers, parents, friends, and families. Discuss about its past, present, and possible futures.

Think of the many factors that currently impact your life in Bengaluru City.

If these are unwanted experiences, think of how they should be resolved. Then what would the City look like?

If there are conditions that you actually like and are the city’s strengths, think about how the city would look if more of these favourable conditions happened.

Think of what you can do as an individual to help bring about these changes.

Understand concepts such as sustainability, resiliency, city planning, good governance, climate action, citizen engagement, and civic action.

A Q&A session can be organized upon request. Please submit your request by emailing us at or by contacting your teachers – Mr. Jino Kurian for grades 7-8 and Ms. Pallavi Das for grades 9-10.