Student Design Challenge

If the future of our city, Bengaluru, was in your hands, how would you want it to look?


If the future of our city, Bengaluru, was in your hands, how would you want it to look?

Bengaluru is a city with a long history of human settlement. Just 50 years ago, it was an idyllic place to live in. Popularly referred to as the “pensioner’s paradise”, the city attracted people because of its cool climate, low population density, peaceful streets and neighbourhoods, parks, lakes, and trees as far as the eye could see.

Sadly, what was once a paradise, is now an ordeal for many. From 1.6 million people in 1970, the population increased to a monumental 12 million people by 2020. The city that was once known as India’s Garden City is now often ridiculed as a ‘garbage city’. Its air is highly polluted, water sources are running dry, roads are congested, infrastructure is crumbling, heatwaves are increasing, and tens of thousands of trees that characterise the city are being cut down. These essential resources needed for a good life are being lost to the juggernaut called “development.” Despite these issues, the irony is that Bengaluru’s temperate climate is still a favourite and continues to draw new residents into the city.

So, if our today looks like this, what does the future hold for us?

Urban “development” is a given. But what is unsure is if it will grow in a sustainable manner, or will the past repeat itself? Will we continue to see unplanned growth? Will our need for roads, cars, and extravagant lifestyles be well-balanced with clean air and water, healthcare, green spaces, and thriving ecosystems? Will Bengalureans be forced to leave the city, or will the future promise a good life for all its residents?

These are the questions our main characters – Aria, Koko, and Sam – are striving to figure out for a school competition. As they try to answer them, they are faced with several challenges and a magical device too! Read the synopsis to know the storyline of the book. Through their collective experience, they realize that the future is in fact, literally in their own hands. This sets the basis for their project that lands them the first prize in the competition.

As cliché as it may sound, the truth is that the future is in your hands. Each individual action matters. What we do today will shape the future – like riding a non-polluting cycle vs. driving a car to commute just 1 km, littering our streets vs. composting at home, cutting trees vs. planting new ones, and so on and so forth. And if enough of us take the “right” action today, the future could be as beautiful and prosperous as we envision it to be.

So, this is where you come in. We want to know if the future of our city, Bengaluru, was in your hands, how would you want it to look?


The first step to enter the competition is to register and upload your parent consent forms. The next step is to create your design such that it represents your responses to the questions asked about describing your design. Finally, upload your design and responses to the questions.

Check out detailed instructions on the how to enter page.


The design competition is open to students in grades 7 through 10 at Inventure Academy. You can enter as an individual or as a team of up to three people. Review the competition rules and conditions for complete information on eligibility.


The Comic Book Cover Design Competition will run for four weeks during which students will create and submit their design ideas as per the entry requirements. The judges will then select and announce the winners of the Design Competition. All entries will be judged anonymously. The awards will then be distributed through a virtual event.


Registration Deadline: Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 11:59 P.M.

Design Entries Deadline: Friday, December 17, 2021, 11:59 P.M.

Review the entire timeline or email us at for additional information and to be notified when further details become available.


Entries will be evaluated for overall design excellence according to the following criteria:

  • Innovation: How creative and original is the design?
  • Impact: Will all readers find the cover interesting enough to pick up the comic book?
  • Relevance: How does the design imagine a better, more vibrant future for Bengaluru?
  • Communication: Is your design consistent and reflective of your responses to the questions asked.



  • The winner will have their design printed on the cover the comic book along with their photo, name, and information.
  • The winner will receive a gift certificate worth
    Rs. 1,500 from a leading bookstore (Landmark, Higginbothams, or similar). The gift amount will be split equally among the team members if entering as a team.
  • The winner will receive a complimentary copy of the Bengaluru 2070 comic book (once completed) as well as some customized goodies.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Two designs will receive honourable mentions.
  • The honourable mentions will be displayed on the ikterra website to celebrate the creativity of promising young designers.
  • The honourable mentions will receive a complimentary copy of the Bengaluru 2070 comic book (once completed).

Review the competition rules and conditions for complete information on eligibility.