Ruchi Agarwal (she/her)

Ruchi Agarwal is an Urban Planner with multinational experience in research, planning, community engagement, and project management. She provide curated solutions to engage and plan your community in order to advance localized, systemic, well-being. As a community builder, she helps each individual get involved in matters that interest and impact them.

She currently distributes her time between Ohio, USA; Toronto, Canada; and Bengaluru, India. She has also lived and worked in France and explored several other places (link).

Juan Mendive (he/him)

Juan Mendive is an urban planner and policy specialist passionate about helping communities and organizations with visioning, capacity building, and strategy development. His experience involves working with public and not for profit organizations on issues and projects related to planning, policy analysis, real estate development, affordable housing, and strategic management. Juan believes in utilizing a people-centric, place-based approach to develop strategies and solutions that bring about meaningful change.