What is ikterra? Ikterra means One Earth.

All systems are interconnected to one another from the environment to infrastructure to energy and all living beings. A holistic approach should be considered in all planning and development endeavors. For us to sustain for our future generations within the carrying capacity, in all our endeavours we must plan sustainably (link to what is sustainability, – the three pillars of sustainability are Social, Economic, and Environment). Within the larger system, Ikterra focuses on sustainable places.

Ikterra’s vision is to bring people, ideas, and activities together to move the one planet we have, Earth, towards sustainability. Ikterra takes a unique, out of the box approach to address challenges we face through community planning and engagement (links to what is).

Please feel free to explore the services provided and the portfolio, and contact me to discuss how we can advance our communities and the planet towards a sustainable future.


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